Ultra-Low Power, High Resolution,
Network-Aware Seismic Recorder
Tested. Proven. Trusted.
MTBF of ~80 years
Highest reliability
USArray/TA - Over 1,800 Installations
World standard of dependability
USArray/TA - 99.5%
Data Availability
The World Standard!

With over 5,000 delivered, the Q330 remains the most advanced ultra-low power and 24-bit broadband data acquisition system in the world, incorporating Quanterra’s patented technologies. With an MTBF of more than ~700,000*) hours, the ultra-low power Q330 is the most reliable product available in our marketplace, as well as proof to the robustness of the design, integrity, quality and manufacturing commitments of a Quanterra/Kinemetrics organization.
Ultra-Low Power
For autonomous operation at isolated
locations (~0.5 W)
After 10 years of operating in the continental USA,
USArray/TA’s ultra-low power Q330s are now being deployed in Alaska!
The World Standard where ultra-low power is a must requirement for autonomous operation, such as OBS applications or in places where day light is limited, such as in Antarctica, Greenland, and Alaska.
*) calculated as the total number of unit-years divided by the number of repairs.
USArray/TA remains the “most epic Science Project of humankind of the last 15 years”, as quoted by Popular Science magazine. The instrumentation, in particular the ultra low-power Q330 digitizer, exclusively used at USArray/TA, survived five commissioning/decommissioning relocation cycles, now being redeployed in the extreme environment of Alaska.

Based on the extraordinary dataset produced by the USArray project, more than 130 Ph.D. dissertations were completed and more than 250 papers were published in international peer-reviewed scientific journals.  This makes the USArray the most unique scientific project in the last two decades.
Ultra-Low Power
Incorporating the latest ultra-low power technology, the Q330 achieves integrated capability with an average power requirement of ~0.5 Watts, including recorder & GPS!
Extensive State-Of-Health Information
A very large number of state-of-health parameters are made available in real-time, as low sampling rate time series, to the network operator for remote diagnostics, to streamline operation and to simplify maintenance.
Comprehensive Sensor Control
The Q330 is a seismological instrument, not a digitizer alone.  Sensor control interface, including calibration, and sensor identification-tag support is built in.
Q330 Datasheet
Versatile telemetry capabilities
The Q330 supports real-time data telemetry to a central site or connection via hard-wire or radio (burst or continuous) to a local low-power recording system, or both simultaneously.
Q330 is the ultra-low power digitizer of choice for ALL deployments in extreme weather conditions, from the freezing polar regions, to the corrosive marine littorals, and to the hot and humid tropical environments, and everything in between.
Q330 Datasheet
In the field
Q330 in Antarctica
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