The Verification Data Acquisition System VDAS is a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) distributed, open-architecture system addressing the special needs of the nuclear treaty verification community. VDAS provides a comprehensive set of environmental monitoring data and processed information by using the latest developments in real-time data acquisition and signal processing, IP communication and computer networking technologies. Open-architecture is central to the VDAS concept because it not only supports current requirements but also can be easily adapted to meet future needs. By using COTS products from high-volume manufacturers, VDAS provides the greatest network reliability, scalability, flexibility, security, and the lowest total cost of ownership.

(For related information, see Marmot data sheet)

Key Features:

  • Nuclear Treaty Verification specific applications
    • Supports a variety of sensors: seismic, meteorological, infrasound, hydroacoustic, and others
    • Borehole (4.494") and vault implementations supported
    • Array and 3-component configurations available
  • Compliant with Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) International Monitoring System (IMS) and United States Air Force Seismic Data Acquisition System (SDAS) specifications:
    • Patented digitizer technology uniquely meets IMS specifications for:
      • Dynamic Range (120dB),
      • System Noise (10dB below seismometer noise over the pass band), and
      • Resolution (18dB below local seismic noise).
    • Meets the challenges of the harshest monitoring environments:
      • External: -70C to +60C with 100 knot winds,
      • External Enclosures: -40C to +60C, 100% condensing, and
      • Borehole: -20C to +60C, 100% condensing.
    • Comprehensive Security analysis performed as part of the system design
    • Extensive calibration features include automated analysis of Free Period; and Frequency, Amplitude and Phase using Random Binary, Sine Wave (Single or Sweep), Step, and Impulse calibrations run on demand or periodically
    • Fault Detection/Fault Isolation simplifies local and remote maintenance
    • Designed for >20 year life cycle with >5 years for computers and communications
  • Open Systems integrates emerging COTS technology:
    • Open-architecture, modular hardware design throughout
      • Network size independent – system scales easily with additional hardware to support larger networks
      • Supports integration with legacy infrastructure to meet current verification requirements
    • Client/server TCP/IP paradigm, supporting all telemetry with standard duplex serial interfaces or standard TCP/IP Level 4 protocol over multiple physical interfaces
    • Alpha (CD-1) Channel Sub-frames from the borehole provides standardization of interfaces
  • Unique on-line and off-line processing tools:
    • Distributed real-time data acquisition; processing, system monitoring and control capability
    • Records real-time data to a non-volatile disk ring buffer, limited only by maximum file size of the hardware device
    • Comprehensive automated event information in near real-time
    • Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) tools for rapid access to environmental information

The following paragraphs summarize the capabilities of the VDAS subsystems.

VDAS Field Sensor Station (VFSS)

Kinemetrics' VDAS Field Sensor Station (VFSS) provides a complete Sensor Subsystem that provides a turnkey capability to calibrate and record data from a user specified sensor. Seismic, infrasound, or hydroacoustic data are then transmitted to the VDAS Data Acquisition Center (VDAC). The VFSS is a robust solution intended for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week operation in remote locations where the cost of maintenance demands a high reliability solution.

See also the VDAS Field Sensor Station (VFSS) specifications.

VDAS Meteorological Station (VMS)

Kinemetrics' VDAS Meteorological Station (VMS) is a modular environmental sensor subsystem that reports weather data to the VDAS Data Acquisition Center (VDAC). The VMS monitors wind speed and direction, temperature, relative humidity, and atmospheric pressure. Four optional sensors provide fuel level, and system voltages as necessary. The insulated station enclosure houses the data acquisition system, the pressure transducer, data communications equipment, power supplies and lightning protection elements.

See also the VDAS Meteorological Station (VMS) specifications.

VDAS Data Acquisition Center (VDAC)

Kinemetrics' VDAS Data Acquisition Center (VDAC) integrates commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) data acquisition center hardware and software with features developed to meet the special needs of the nuclear treaty verification community. The VDAC is the nucleus of Kinemetrics' VDAS: collecting the data produced by the VFSS(s) and VMS from the station's Intranet; recording the data in CSS 3.0; providing the operator/maintainer with cailbration, fault detection, and isolation tools; providing the analyst with detection and location capability; and forwarding Alpha (CD-1) to three (3) Data Centers.

See also the VDAS Data Acquisition Center (VDAC) specifications.


At the customer’s request, Kinemetrics can assist in many ways to improve the success of a project. Field services include telemetry system site selection, field strength studies, installation, commissioning, maintenance, and customer personnel training.

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