Dominican Republic Seismic Network

During the first quarter of 1998, a team of Kinemetrics seismologists, engineers and technicians installed a seismic network in the Dominican Republic with members of the European Community and officials from the Dominican National University. The objective was to establish a temporary network deployment in the northeast part of the country. After one year of operation, the network will be relocated countrywide and will be managed by the National University as part of a National Seismological Network.

The network consists of Kinemetrics’ Sierra Seismic Monitoring System. This 16-channel network includes 10 field stations equipped with SS-1 seismometers, K2 digitizers, and FreeWave spread spectrum transceivers. These stations transmit a real-time continuous digital data stream, and data is then relayed to the central data processing station via seven site-to-site and three repeater stations using transceivers configured as repeaters.

At the central site, the Sierra Real-time Processing System acquires data for on-line and off-line processing. The PC-based system processes data in real-time and provides rapid access to preliminary information for earthquake hazard mitigation.

Kinemetrics personnel performed the site selection, supervised the civil works and installed all the remote and central stations.

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