Singapore National Telemetry Network

Kinemetrics has successfully implemented a national telemetry network for the Meteorological Service of Singapore (MSS) with stations in a number locations around the island.

MSS is a department of the Ministry of Communications and provides weather information and forecasts to support Singapore's national needs. Besides weather, it also provides the public with warnings on heavy rainfall and floods, smoke haze, lightning risks, and earthquake and astronomical information.

According to Mr. Lim Tian Kuay, head of research and development for MSS, the department launched the project last year in order to gather more up-to-date information on earthquake movements in the region and to contribute to regional monitoring programs in Asia.

Seismic Station
The seismic system provides remote monitoring of regional seismic activities around Singapore, particularly the area over Sumatra and other Indonesian regions. Using Kinemetrics and Quanterra data acquisition, storage and telemetry equipment, digitally recorded seismic measurements at remote sites are stored and then transmitted to the Central Processing Station (CPS) at MSS for further processing and dissemination.

System Components
The complete installation is a seven-seismic-station network with data telemetered to a central recording station via telephone lines. The network includes four seismograph stations supplied by Kinemetrics, one global seismograph station supplied by Quanterra, two ground motion stations and a central station supplied by Kinemetrics. At the central recording station, the signals from continuous or triggered recording are analyzed and the event is automatically calculated for magnitude and location.

Monitoring Stations
Seismograph Stations
Kinemetrics WR-1 seismometers at each site transduce vertical and horizontal ground motions into an electrical signal that is proportional to velocity.

Global Seismographic Network Station (GSN)
The GSN consists of Strekeisen STS-2 very-broad-band, very-short-period seismometers and Kinemetrics FBA-23 accelerometers.

Ground Motion Stations
The ground motion stations contain Kinemetrics' WR-1 seismometers, FBA-23 accelerometers and FBA-23DH downhole packages at each site.

All the recorded signals at the stations are fed to their own K2 recorders where the signals are digitized and telemetered in real time to the central receiving station via a dedicated phone line. If a signal exceeds a predetermined threshold, in addition to being telemetered, it will also be recorded and an earthquake alert will be sent via a dial-up phone line.

Central Processing System
The central processing system includes the Central Recording System (CRS), the Seismic Data Analysis System (SDAS), and a warning system.

At the CRS, signals telemetered from the field site are received via telephone line and continuously recorded. The CRS provides central file storage. Raw and processed waveform and parametric files for all connected nodes are stored on the file server where they are accessible to all other nodes.

The SDAS analyses the recorded data with widely-used seismological software that allows MSS to exchange data and results with the seismological research community.


  • Performs data acquisition and analysis, including real-time data acquisition
  • Wave arrival selection
  • Calculations
  • Displays displacement spectra of a selected seismogram
  • Performs attenuation analysis
  • Earthquake location function
  • Interactive analysis of seismic time series using fundamental display and processing operations and digital seismic processing

The central processing system also includes a warning system that can provide a warning signal to interested parties via telefax or electronic mail.

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