Aspen Structural Monitoring System for the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge Cape Girardeau, MO



Since April 2005 a Kinemetrics Aspen structural monitoring system is acquiring data from 84 strong-motion channels equipped with EpiSensors (ES-T, ES-U, and SBEPI) and Q330 digitizers. The Aspen system belongs to the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) and consists of (2) data acquisition blocks, (2) free field sites, and (1) central recording system (CRS). The data and state-of-health streams are transmitted via spread-spectrum Ethernet-radios to the CRS. At the CRS a broad-band Internet connection allows real-time data acquisition of the data users.

The entire Aspen system is seen at the level of the U.S. National Strong-Motion Program as one site. The USGS, the operator and primary data user of the structural monitoring network assigned the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge the station code 7405 with the network code: NP.

To make the data available in real-time, IRIS is acquiring the complete dataset with their Antelope software. The data are available through IRIS’ standard tools including BUD service (IRIS DMC acronym of the online data cache for near real-time miniSEED data distribution).
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