Campestre Bridge

Kinemetrics delivered a 58-channel monitoring system to CENAPRED for the Campestre Bridge located in Mexico City. The scope of Kinemetrics' contract with CENAPRED included:

  • Recommendations for displacement transducers
  • Recommendation for a data acquisition system for strain gages and displacement transducers
  • Manufacturing and integration of a 58-channel monitoring system
  • Training and on-going support

The real-time monitoring system consists of:

  • 2 triaxial accelerometers
  • 4 displacement transducers
  • 44 strain gages

The data acquisition system consists of one Kinemetrics Altus K2 Digital Recorder connected to two triaxial accelerometers and one 52-channel digital recorder connected to the strain gages and displacement transducers. The 52-channel digital recorder provides bridge completion and excitation to all the strain gages. Both systems are interconnected for common triggering.

The K2 recorder and the 52-channel digital recorder are connected to a modem and a telephone line for remote interrogation and control of the complete system from the CENAPRED office.

The system will provide valuable information about the response of the structure to CENAPRED. Induced seismic forces on the bridge superstructure and amplification effects will be calculated from acceleration data. Measured displacements in the longitudinal and transverse directions will provide information to review the criteria in the design of the central girder supports. Common reinforcing steel and pre-stressed steel strain measurements on both girders and columns will provide information on the long-term behavior of the bridge under gravity loads.

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