Halkis Bridge

The Halkis Bridge in Greece connects the island of Évvoia (Evia) to the mainland.

In 1994, the Greek Ministry of Public Works contracted with Kinemetrics to provide a monitoring system for the Halkis Bridge. A Kinemetrics 48 channel strong motion accelerograph system is installed on the suspension bridge which measures 700 meters in length, with the main span measuring 215 meters long and 40 meters high.

The system consists of three SSA-23 central recording solid state accelerographs connected to thirty-six FBA-11 and four FBA-23 Force Balance Accelerometers. The SSA-23s are interconnected to provide common triggering, common sampling and common timing. A GPS receiver provides reference time accuracy to ten microseconds of UTC.

The Halkis Bridge system is supervised and monitored by the Institute of Technical Seismology (ITSAK http://www.itsak.gr/) of Thessaloniki, with maintenance provided by NEOTEK O.E., P. XYSTRIS & Co. (www.forthnet.gr/neotek)


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