Los Humeros Seismic Network

In November 1997, Kinemetrics supplied and installed a seismological network in the surroundings of the Los Humeros Geothermal Field - the Perote, Veracruz region of Mexico. The Comision Federal de Electricidad in Mexico signed a contract with Kinemetrics for the establishment of the Los Humeros Seismological Network. The network consists of Kinemetrics’ Sierra Seismic Monitoring System, with 18-channel data telemetered to a central recording station via one repeater station using spread spectrum digital data transmission.

The goal of the Comision Federal de Electricidad's is to record local seismicity that could be induced by the exploitation of the field; they also want to perform detailed seismicity studies and correlate results with local tectonic settings.

The six telemetry field stations consist of three SS-1 short period (1 second) seismometers, K2 digitizer, Freewave spread spectrum transceiver, enclosure, antenna and solar panels. The data from all six stations are sent to one repeater station.

At the central site, the Sierra Real-time Processing System acquires and processes seismic data. The system consists of two Industrial rack mounted computers. The first computer records the seismic events. The waveform data files are automatically transferred to the second computer for on-line data processing via a Lantastic Network. This computer performs automatic earthquake hypocenter location and magnitude determination. The data is then moved to a workstation for off-line processing using the removable hard disk or the Lantastic Network.

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