EpiSensor ES-U2
Uniaxial Force Balance Accelerometer

The Kinemetrics EpiSensor ES-U2 force balance accelerometer is a uniaxial surface package designed primarily for structural engineering applications. However, it can be used in a variety of applications for measuring accelerations up to ±4g and down to the ambient noise level. With full-scale recording ranges of ± 0.25 to ± 4g (user selectable) the ES-U2 provides on-scale recording of earthquake motions even at near-fault locations and in a wide variety of structure types.

Because the ES-U2 is extremely low-noise, it can detect motions of the ambient vibration field at most urban sites and civil structures from 1 Hz to 200 Hz. This makes the ES-U2 a unique sensor at a great price. The output of the ES-U2 is an amplified, conditioned signal—it requires no external electronics other than a data acquisition system.

The significantly improved bandwidth of DC to 200 Hz allows engineers and scientists to study motions at higher frequencies while maintaining the very important DC response that allows simple field calibration and reduces processing confusion.

Output circuitry is also significantly enhanced. Four types of outputs can be field-selected by the user: ± 2.5V single-ended, ± 10V single-ended, ± 5V differential or ± 20V differential.

The ± 2.5V single-ended output is appropriate for use with traditional Kinemetrics earthquake recording instruments. The ± 10V single-ended output and ± 20V differential output are well suited for use with Kinemetrics’ Makalu 24-bit digital recorder and Quanterra’s 24-bit digital recorders.

EpiSensor force balance accelerometers are also available in triaxial surface and borehole (the FBA ES-SB shallow and FBA ES-DH deep) packages.

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Key Features
  Low noise
  Extended bandwidth -- DC to 200 Hz
  User-selectable full-scale range
  Calibration coil (standard)
  Single-end or differential output (user selectable)

Dynamic range: 140 dB+
Bandwidth: DC to 200 Hz
Calibration coil: Standard
Full-scale range: User selectable: ± 0.25g, ± 0.5g, ± 1g, ± 2g or ± 4g
Outputs: User selectable at: ± 2.5V single-ended; ± 10V single-ended; ± 5V differential; ± 20V differential
Zero adjust: User-friendly access hole for simple, safe and efficient adjustment
Linearity: < 1000 µg/g2
Hysteresis: < 0.1% of full scale
Cross-axis sensitivity: < 1% (including misalignment)
Zero point thermal drift: < 500µg/°C (1g sensor)
Power consumption: Quiescent current < 9 mA from +/- 12 V
Mounting: Dual bolt for horizontal or vertical mounting
Operating Temperature: -20° to 70°C (0° to 160°F)
Housing: EMI/RFI Watertight enclosure 55 x 65 x 97mm (2.2"x 2.6"x 3.8")
Weight: 0.35kg (0.77 pounds)

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