Rugged, Ultra-Low Power Data Acquisition System

The Kinemetrics Marmot is a truly rugged and ultra-low power data acquisition system designed for field deployments under extreme operating conditions.

As a member of Kinemetrics’ Aspen product line, the Marmot represents a paradigm shift in seismic instrumentation. Designed to interface with one or more Quanterra, Kinemetrics and other third party digitizers, Marmot allows network operators the benefit of greatly enhanced data acquisition, data concentration, and field processing, and distribution to downstream data processing centers coupled with flexible communications options, including TCP/IP protocol.

Marmot comes pre-loaded with BRTT’s embedded version of high performance Antelope environmental monitoring software for Antelope network operators. Specifically, the Marmot Antelope has been optimized for providing very deep telemetry buffers that can take advantage of the full Marmot CF memory resources for buffering data during long telemetry outages - up to 16 Gigabytes of non-volatile raw buffer resources. This means that the MARMOT Field Processor with Antelope can seamlessly buffer over a year of data from a typical 100 sample-per-second, three component field system.

Marmot Data Sheet--PDF format

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